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05-07 , 2022
Fake wheels cause potential safety hazards.

       Now, because of the popularity of car refitting, many car owners choose to refit wheels for their cars, refitting a wheel hub that is both beautiful and personalized. But now there are many car owners who don't know anything about car refitting, but want to do car refitting. Because of this, many refitting stores will use the good and cheap heart of car owners to refit car owners with fake wheels. So today, this article will tell the car owners about the method of identifying inferior wheels.

      A beautiful wheel hub can enhance the personality of your car and become a bright spot in the car, so wheel hub modification is a modification project that many car owners want to do. However, because car owners do not know much about the quality of car parts, many businesses will shoddy. Install fake wheels for owners of modified wheels. To put it bluntly, it is a poor wheel hub. Therefore, the following and Japanese rocker arms will take car owners to learn several ways to distinguish good and bad wheels.

Look at the appearance

    Generally, the workmanship of inferior things is very rough. Because the precision of the mold is not high, it will not be too fine at the corners. So generally, there are many pricking burrs at the corners of inferior wheel hubs, which don't look so exquisite. If it is a good hub, this problem will not occur at all. So we should distinguish the authenticity of the wheel hub. First, it depends on whether the appearance is exquisite and smooth.

Look at the weight

    The second is the problem of weight. Generally, wheels of the same size will not differ much in weight. It can also be said that it is basically not bad. Is the inferior wheel hub different? Because its production is unqualified, it is different from the good wheel hub in weight. Therefore, when identifying the authenticity of the wheel hub, car owners can also compare their own wheel hub with the modified wheel hub.

Look at the price

    Finally, the price. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for". When refitting the wheel hub, car owners try not to be greedy and choose the wheel hub with lower price. However, the identification of price is not decisive. The most important thing is to see whether the above two points are qualified.

Caution should be taken when refitting automobile wheel hub. False wheel hub may cause potential safety hazards

Warm tips from Heli rocker arm: the wheel hub carries a large part of the safety responsibility of the car, so owners must carefully check when choosing to refit the wheel hub to avoid refitting the fake wheel hub. Bring potential safety hazards to future driving, and the gains outweigh the losses.

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