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Why Heri?

Company business philosophy: Customer-centric, aim to become a world-class hub

 manufacturing supplier.

Since we are establishment, the Hub branch of Zhejiang Heri rocker arm Co., Ltd. 

has been committed to providing high-quality wheel hub bearings. We have 

stepped out of the OE supporting manufacturers and our concept of quality 

and service control has long exceeded our conventional responsibilities. Strictly abide 

by the law, only for high-end quality. Our professional team is not only a hub

 bearing manufacturer, but also an art piece that creates a perfectly synchronized 

driving experience. Our every wheel hub is a commitment to safety and precision 

craftsmanship, aimed at enhancing the driving experience while ensuring that every

 ride is a response to trust.

Cooperative brand


To ensure the delivery time of customers,
our products have more than 1000 models and 400000 sets